Week 2 – Backup Plan (May 9 – 15)

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Week 2 Video: Plan B

Password: backup

For this session you’ll need:
Plan B Worksheet, click here

Guest Interview with Founder of Woman Unleashed,
Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici

Password: unleash

If you’d like to contact Amber Bonnici she can be reached by email support@womanunleashed.com

To learn more about Amber & Woman Unleashed visit womanunleashed.com

Flow Together – Tue, May 10

9:28 – Creative Flow, 50:40 – Group Discussion, music                 playlist is here            

Flow Together – Thu, May 12

02:00 – First Group Discussion, 17:13 – Creative Flow, 53:00 – Second Group Discussion,
music playlist is here           


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