Are you ready to create something every single day instead of just thinking about it?

Then I have the perfect thing for you.

In the 3rd Annual Find Your Flow – A 30 Day Creative Journey we’re going to

Commit to our practices

Maintain momentum

Build consistency

And create every day


If you struggle to stay consistent with your practice and could use some support to keep you going,

If you’ve gained some momentum but aren’t sure if you can keep it up on your own,

If you want to deepen your commitment to your creative goals and see your practice thrive,

then this journey is for you.


The 3rd Annual Find Your Flow: A 30 Day Creative Journey runs from May 1st – 30th, with a creative warm up period starting April 27th to help you get ready.

Here’s what’s included:

  • A planning session that will help you design and stick with a daily practice of *your choosing* for the 30 days
  • Weekly videos featuring tools to help you get focused, stay committed and feel inspired so you can reach your 30 day goal.
  • Membership in the Find Your Flow Facebook Group for support and connection with the Find Your Flow team and fellow creatives on the journey with you. 
  • Daily emails with inspiration to keep you on track

– PLUS –

your EXTRA SPECIAL *BONUS* for these extraordinary times


The whole package is yours for $97

*Offer available until Sunday, April 26th, midnight PT*

The 3rd Annual Find Your Flow: A 30 Day Creative Journey is open to creatives of all levels, whether you are just starting out, or are an expereinced artist. 

You’ll be invited to commit to a daily creative practice of your choice that will be your focus for 30 days, beginning May 1st. This will allow you to start wherever you’re at on your creative journey.

For your creative practice you can…

build on something you’ve just started and want to explore more

continue with a project that is already underway

or start something completely new that you’ve always dreamed of doing. 

Your practice can be as quick as 5 minutes a day, or as involved as you’d like. 

It can be done in your sketchbook

on a canvas

or using any materials that you’d like to explore.

You get the idea. Anything goes!

What’s important is to pick one thing you want to commit to that excites you, do it for 30 days, and experience what it feels like to Find Your Flow.


Sign up now for $97 


**Offer available until Sunday, April 26th, midnight PT**


Here’s what past participants are saying…

“The best part of Find Your Flow was anticipating each day’s art and wondering how my page would turn out! I gained a new appreciation for the artist inside of me. I never knew I could create the pages I did.”

– Sandy Skinner

“I gained a huge amount, including a sense of momentum, flexing of the creativity muscle, increased confidence, evolution of a different personal creative expression and a welcome sense of balance.”

– Ahrabella Lewis

“Oh my I loved it all! Karen’s videos and tools, the incredibly supportive on-line community, making art every day for a month – a way to prioritize my creative time!”

– Donna Ladkin 

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and become part of the Find Your Flow tribe! Let’s keep our practices moving together and get you not just thinking about creating every day, but actually doing it!

I am SO excited to get our creative juices flowing together!

Gratefully Yours,


Karen Abend

Illustration & Design

Creator of Sketchbook Revival 


© 2020 Karen Abend