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Opening sessions

Upcycled Travelers Journal

with Ali Manning

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The Art of the Reframe: How to Use Creative Resistance to Inspire a Daily Art Practice you Love

with Marisa Anne Cummings

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Monday, March 20

Day 1

Headshot of Jeanne Oliver

Creating in the In-between: A Watercolor Journey

with Jeanne Oliver

Headshot of Janine Vangool

For the Creative & Curious

with Janine Vangool, UPPERCASE

Tuesday, March 21

Day 2

Headshot of Koosje Koene

From Blob to Colorful Drawing

with Koosje Koene

Headshot of Mike Lowery

Doodle Blobs!

with Mike Lowery

Wednesday, March 22

Day 3

Headshot of Helen Wells

Exploring Abstract Shapes and Color

with Helen Wells

Custom Color Collage Grid

with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

Thursday, March 23

Day 4

Headshot of Irene Ruby

Colorful Pencil Portraits

with Irene Ruby

Headshot of Tamara Laporte

Expressive Portrait of a Fox

with Tamara Laporte

Friday, March 24

Day 5

Draw Everyday: Kickstart Your Creative Routine

with Amandine Thomas 

Headshot of Alison Wells

Mixed Media Gratitude Art Journal Page 

with Alison Wells

Saturday, March 25

Day 6

Letting Go & Releasing Through Therapeutic Art

with Erica Pang

Headshot of Elizabeth Foley

Expressing Emotions with Intentional Mark Making

with Elizabeth Foley

Sunday, March 26

Day 7

Headshot of Joanne Sharpe

A little Every Day, Watercolor Play

with Joanne Sharpe 

Headshot of Emily Mills

Introduction to Sketchnoting

with Emily Mills

Monday, March 27

Day 8

Colorful Characters: Let’s party with easy to create quirky collage figures dressed for the carnival!

with Karen Stamper

Beach Bodies: The Life Drawing Class Everyone Can Attend

with Róisín Curé

Tuesday, March 28

Day 9

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

with Toni Burt

Healing & Dreaming with NeuroGraphic Art

with Alina Smolyansky

Wednesday, March 29

Day 10

The Color Palette Meets Collage: A quick hack for creating color palettes that work

with Robyn McClendon 

Painting Motifs in Gouache

with Lauren Lesley

Thursday, March 30

Day 11

One, Two, Tree: Three fun approaches to create trees in watercolor

with Esté MacLeod

Coloful Landscapes

with Joy Ting Charde

Friday, March 31

Day 12

Developing Your Intuitive Artistic Style Through Spontaneous Watercolor  

with Angela Fehr

Headshot of Emma Freeman

Make Slow Stitched Wabi Sabi Fabric Scrolls

with Emma Freeman

Saturday, April 1

Day 13

Photo of Brandon Dean Johnson

Rough Cartoon Sketching

with Brandon Dean Johnson

Closing Session – Explore Ideas, Color and Meaning in a Mini Doodle Diary

with Workshop Host Karen Abend

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