Are you ready to navigate the holiday season feeling inspired, focused and moving forward with your creative goals?

Then I have the perfect thing for you!

In Practice Your Passion we’re going to stop just dreaming about the projects we could be working on and actually do it!

Artist Karen Abend and Creativity Coach Elizabeth Foley are teaming up to give you 6 powerful weeks of creative support and accountability so that you can…

> Commit to your creative project. 

> Focus on taking consistent action. 

> Get momentum to keep moving and reach your goal. 

If you crave more consistency and momentum in your creative life,

If you’re ready to take action on your ideas and reach your goals,  

If you want to feel empowered by the fulfillment of bringing your dream project, 

then this journey is for you. 

Practice Your Passion runs from November 11th – December 20th.

By signing up for the journey you’ll receive:

Weekly trainings that you can attend live (with the option of watching the recordings when it’s convenient for you), to get you focused on one project and stay on track to completion. In the trainings Elizabeth will guide us in fun and effective creative exercises to help us start with intention and move through common struggles so that we stay inspired and maintain momentum. 

Live Creativity Sessions 4 x per week (with the option of watching the recordings when it’s convenient for you). Join Elizabeth and I as we sit down and work on our own creative projects. These sessions are for accountability and connection, a time to work on your own creative project in community. 

Membership in the private Practice Your Passion Facebook Group for support and connection with the Course Guides and fellow creatives on the journey with you. 

 >> PLUS <<

your BONUS

A Private 1:1 Coaching Session with Creativity Coach Elizabeth Foley to help you at any point in the journey to make sure you get the most out of the 6 weeks. 

The whole package is yours for $147

Practice Your Passion is designed to support creatives of all levels, whether you’re just starting out, or are a more experienced artist. 

At the start of the 6 weeks you’ll be invited to commit to a creative project of your choice that will be your focus for the journey. This will allow you to get support around the project you most want to create right now, whatever that is for you.  

It could be a series of sketches you’ve been dreaming of creating,

or a new body of finished work. 

It could be starting a new creative practice, 

or building on one that you’ve already got going.  

It could be creating cards and gifts for the holiday season.

Developing your portfolio.

Designing a pattern collection.

Creating work for a gallery or exhibit.

Doing a 100 day project.

Making pieces to sell at a shop.

Illustrating a story.

Finally sitting down and doing those classes you signed up for but never got around to starting or finishing.  


You get the idea, anything goes! 

What’s important is to pick one thing you want to commit to that you’re passionate about so you can finally get focused, take action and experience what it feels like to Practice your Passion.  

Sign up now for $147


Sign up for 2 easy payments of $75 each  

AND you’ll also receive this special BONUS

A Private 1:1 Coaching Session with Creativity Coach Elizabeth Foley** to help you at any point in the journey to make sure you get the most out of the 6 weeks.

You’ll be supported by your Practice Your Passion guides Karen Abend and Elizabeth Foley. 

Karen Abend loves to draw, paint, collage, illustrate and design. Her passion inspired her to create the Sketchbook Revival Online Workshop in 2018, a collaborative exploration of creativity in community. Since then she has been supporting the growing Sketchbook Revival community with a welcoming Facebook Group, an inspirational newsletter, and online courses to encourage creative exploration and growth. 

Elizabeth Foley is an artist, potter, poet and creativity coach. Her passion is to help people feel more joy and fulfillment through experiencing creative expression. Elizabeth is a certified Intentional Creativity Teacher, a Cosmic Smash Book Instructor and a coach on the Woman Unleashed team. She has been serving her community of creative women through online and in person workshops, retreats and 1:1 coaching since 2016. 


Here’s what others have to say about working with Karen and Elizabeth….

“By committing to create every day and be accountable with Karen’s group my creativity increased as did my creative purpose.  The online forum was a huge area of support and encouragement which helped cheer everyone through the whole month of creating daily.  The positive effects continue to manifest several months on. I now create something most days even if it is only a quick sketch while traveling and feel more engaged with expressing my creativity fully” – Ahrabella Lewis

“Elizabeth is a skilled, experienced creative practitioner who can help people move through their creative blocks.  I would recommend working with Elizabeth to anyone who desires to start or deepen their creative practice.” -Kit Fay

Karen is truly a companion and a guiding star. She created an encouraging online community diligently commenting on EVERY post, and remaining engaged by making her own posts. I grew throughout the month and found myself revitalized by working with Karen. I discovered new practices to take with me into my artist adventures.” – Evie Waack

“I recommend working with Elizabeth to anyone who is interested in taking creativity to another level or who wants to jumpstart a stagnant process. No matter what level of artistic experience Elizabeth can create experiences that meet you where you are.” -Julianne Taylor

 Sign up now for $147


Need a payment plan?  Sign up for two payments of $75 each

Karen Abend

Illustration & Design

Creator of Sketchbook Revival 

Elizabeth Foley

Artist, Potter, Creative Catalyst 

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