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Welcome friends!

Thank you so much for being part of Sketchbook Revival 2023 – I am very grateful for your contribution.

This page contains all of the promotional information to help you share the event with your community and hopefully make it as easy as possible for you to do that. Thanks for your help in getting the word out to your communities.

Please feel free to adjust the email and social media sample copy – personalize it, add your own intro, tweak the wording, etc. so it feels like you. 

There are also event graphics and personalized graphics to use in your emails and social media posts that you can download.

It is going to be so inspiring to see the impact of your collective teachings and offerings – get ready for a lot of positivity, appreciation and fun!

I hope it is a positive experience for you and thanks again for being part of it!


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Email copy #1 (please use between March 6-19)

Subject header ideas:

A creative gift for you
Free ticket?
Better than Christmas
Best ‘holiday’ of the year
Want to create together (for free)?
An invitation to create together (for free)

(Feel free to personalize and add your own intro)

Do you love the idea of exploring your creativity in a sketchbook?
Feeling inspired,
Full of ideas,
Confident to get started,
Not worried about mistakes
Just the freedom to show up, experiment, have fun and play?

If you would like to tap into some of that creative energy for yourself, here’s some exciting news. The 6th annual Sketchbook Revival Online Workshop is happening really soon. Already it’s helped tens of thousands of participants feel more creatively empowered to fill up their sketchbook pages, have fun experimenting with their art supplies and develop meaningful creative practices that become an important part of their every day.

So whether you’re new to the idea of a creative practice, have been wanting to get back to your creativity, or have been at it for years, the workshop will meet you where you’re at to invigorate your creativity.

This year for the first time, there’s also a special focus on the topic of color. That means that during the sessions myself and the other featured artists will not only be sharing some of our favorite approaches to creating in a sketchbook, but also how we like to incorporate color into what we do.

I’m looking forward to being part of it and it would be fun for you to join me. If you’d like to sign up you can register for free.

>>CLICK HERE TO REGISTER<<  (paste your personalized tracking link here)

During the workshop, the positive impact of so many creatives coming together in the spirit of discovery and renewal can be felt across the internet. To give you an idea of how wide-reaching the event has become, there have been 100,000+ sign ups over the last 5 years!

There are 25+ workshop sessions, each one led by a different featured artist with their own unique background. Together we make up an inspiring group of accomplished artists, authors, illustrators, designers, educators, painters, art therapists, and creativity coaches (to name a few). We’re all excited to share some of our best creative tips and ideas with you. 

We’ll have fun filling up our sketchbook pages with everything from drawing and painting, to collage and mixed media, to stitching and printing so we can loosen up, develop our imaginations, practice our observation skills, express our emotions, tap into our intuition (and so much more), while also learning about color.

For example, in my session we are going to ___________________________________________.

It’s really easy to participate. Since the workshop is online you can watch the sessions from the comfort of your home, or anywhere else in the world you might be. In other words, you get to fit the workshop into your own schedule and make it work for you. The best part of all is that it’s completely free. You can sign up and access all of the content without spending a penny!

Can’t you picture it now, how much fun it will be? Spending quality time immersed in your sketchbook, happily creating while exploring color?

To join the workshop

>>SIGN UP HERE<< (Paste your personal tracking link)

Hope you can join, It would be great to see you there!

Your signature

P.S. Just think, even one session might be all you need to revive your creativity. You have nothing to lose. Come try it out for free! Click here to sign up for free (personal tracking link here)


Email copy #2 (can be used after the workshop has started, or before your session goes live)

Subject header ideas:
Have you heard the news?
It’s not too late!
Time to revive!


(Feel free to personalize and add your own intro)


There’s a FREE online creative workshop that’s happening as I type, Sketchbook Revival 2023 (year 6). It’s about inspiring your creative practice so you feel energized and revived. Empowering creativity all over the globe. 

I’m excited to be one of the workshop’s featured artists this year. Which means if you sign up we’ll have the chance to create something special in our sketchbooks together. There’s still time to join. Just  >>click here to register<< (insert your personal tracking link here) and you’ll be able to get started creating right away.

What else to expect when you sign up for the workshop?

  • 25+ sessions led by a diverse group of artists, each sharing their own favorite ways of getting inspired and exploring ideas in a sketchbook – think expert guidance and lots of top tips.
  • An exciting mixture of art materials, techniques, styles and approaches to encourage you to try new things and be free to play, discover and experiment.
  • The opportunity to dive a little deeper into the topic of color, a special theme we’re also highlighting as part of the 2023 experience.
  • The satisfaction of seeing your sketchbook pages get filled up day-by-day, while you build up momentum and expand your creativity.
  • Being part of an enthusiastic community of creativity lovers from all over the world, just as excited as you are by everything you’re discovering and learning.
  • The freedom to do as many or as few of the sessions as you’d like, this is your workshop and you get to do it however you prefer.
  • The ease of creating from wherever you are and when it’s convenient for you, remember there’s nothing to lose, the workshop is FREE.
  • The session I lead, which I can’t wait to share, ______________________________________ (info about your session).

If some creative revival time is sounding like fun,

If you’re feeling curious to give it a try,

There’s still time to join, we’re just getting started,

>>SIGN UP HERE<< (personal tracking link here)

Hope to see you there!

Your signature

P.S. The workshop has already had a positive impact on tens of thousands of participants over the last 5 years. If your creative practice could use some energizing, you don’t want to miss this opportunity (it won’t happen again for another year!) Click here to sign up (paste your personal link here)


Social media post #1

No more just thinking about creating in your sketchbook, time to open it up and actually do it! The Sketchbook Revival Online Workshop is almost here and is going to inspire you to get out your art supplies, open up your sketchbook and get started creating no matter what. During the workshop you’ll be learning by doing under the guidance of 25+ diverse artists leading creative sessions on everything from drawing and painting, to collage and mixed media, bookbinding, stitching and more. This year we’re also highlighting the topic of color, which means even more creative excitement to bring to your sketchbook. The workshop has already had a positive impact on tens of thousands of participants of all levels, from all over the world. If you’d like to experience it for yourself there’s nothing to lose – the workshop is FREE. To join me, just click here to register and get started today! (Insert your personal tracking link)

#sketchbookrevival #sketchbookrevival2023

Social media post #2

Do you love the idea of feeling confident to open up your sketchbook and freely explore your creativity with no pressure other than to have fun and play? The 2023 Sketchbook Revival Online Workshop is starting soon and is all about discovering new creative ideas and approaches to spark your practice so that you can learn, grow and have fun along the way. This year we’re also highlighting the topic of color, which means even more creative empowerment to bring to your sketchbook. In the workshop sessions you’ll be guided by 25+ inspiring artists from different backgrounds all sharing their favorite ways of exploring their creativity in their practices as fine artists, illustrators, mixed media artists, bookbinders, designers, art therapists, creativity coaches and more. If you’re curious to discover what’s possible with some creative encouragement from the experts, plus connection with a friendly, global, creative community, I hope you’ll join me. Good news, it’s completely FREE to sign up, just click here to register and get started today! (Insert your personal tracking link)

#sketchbookrevival #sketchbookrevival2023

Social media post #3

People are calling it the best online creative event of the year – it’s  time for Sketchbook Revival 2023! Imagine immersing yourself in your sketchbook, spending time in the studios of unique and inspiring artists generously sharing their favorite ways of approaching their creative practice with you. During the workshop sessions you’ll be filling up your sketchbook pages while exploring a diverse range of styles, mediums and techniques. Think drawing, painting, collage, mixed media, journaling, bookbinding, printing, and more. We’ll also be giving extra attention to the topic of color to help you feel even more confident to incorporate it in your work. I’m thrilled to be one of the 25+ featured artists this year, and would love to share one of my personal processes with you. If you’d like to join me it’s easy and FREE to sign up. Just click here to register (insert your personal tracking link) You’ll be able to get started today!

#sketchbookrevival #sketchbookrevival2023



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