Workshop Schedule

April 23
Day 1

Starting With Intention: Making Handmade Sketchbooks to Revive Your Creative Practice

with Kiala Givehand

Using Intention to Inspire Your Sketchbook Practice

with Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici

Session closed

April 24
Day 2

Inspiration for Illustrating your Life

with Danny Gregory

Session closed

Sketching Complex Scenes with Edges and Shapes

with Liz Steel

April 25
Day 3

Sketchbook Magic Fun

with Ria Sharon

Session closed

Expressive Arts Play

with Shelley Klammer

April 26
Day 4

Things with Wings: Sketching Birds in Ink

with Val Webb

Session closed

A Botanical Sketchbook of the Seasons

with Wendy Hollender

April 27
Day 5

Scribble Studies: The (Very Complicated) Art of Chaos

with Amanda Grace

Simple Marks & Creative Sparks

with Amy Maricle

Session closed

April 28
Day 6

The Mundane as Your Muse

with Koosje Koene

Session closed

Tips and Tricks for the Creative Traveller

with Lorraine Bell

Session closed

April 29
Day 7

Whimsical Mixed Media Sketchbook Project

with Tamara Laporte

Session closed

Pizza Bot: Drawing an Imaginary Character

with Jake Parker

Session closed

April 30
Day 8

Drawing the Mandala – Shape by Shape

with Jane Snedden Peever

Gathering Inspiration

with Bonnie Christine

Session closed

May 1
Day 9

Face Mash Masterclass – Sketch a Series of Fox Inspired Faces

with Nina Rycroft

Session closed

Storytelling Flow

with Tom Hart

Session closed

May 2
Day 10

Creative Meditation

with Bodhi Simpson

Session closed

Paint Buddha

with Whitney Freya

Session closed

May 3
Day 11

What’s Stopping You from Building a Sustainable Sketchbook Practice?

with Jessica Abel

Session closed


Timeographical Activation!

with Anne Leuck

Session closed

May 4
Day 12

Alternative Surfaces

with Kelly Hoernig

Session closed

Closing Session: Collage Your Mantra to Keep Your Practice Going

with Workshop Host Karen Abend

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