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Workshop Schedule

April 22
Day 1

Portrait Party! 

with Koosje Koene 

Session closed

Sidewalk Cracks: A Creativity Starter 

with Carla Sonheim 

Session closed

April 23
Day 2

Whimsical Buildings: Cultivating Mindfulness in Your Sketchbook  

with Tamara Laporte

Session closed

Mindful Inspirations: A Thumbnail Sketch 

with Rachel Rose

Session closed

April 24
Day 3

Sketching Like a Kid Again: Scribble, Doodle, Color 

with Charlie O’Shields 

Session closed

Playing with Animal Characters 

with Nina Rycroft 

Session closed

April 25
Day 4

Sketching Our Intuition 

with Angela Fehr

Session closed

Faces Made Simple: Mixed Media Vintage Girl

with Toni Burt

Session closed

April 26
Day 5

Object Observation: Quick Drawing Exercises 

with Susan Yeates

Session closed

How to Draw a Bird in Five Easy Step 

with Julia Bausenhardt 

Session closed

April 27
Day 6

Create DAILY: Listen to Your Intuition Through Daily Practice 

with Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici 

Session closed

Five Minute Mindful Art Experiments

with Cynthia Hauk 

Session closed

April 28
Day 7

Magical Motif Creation 

with Rachael Taylor 

Session closed

Start your Pages with Mixed Media Mark Making 

with Karen Stamper 

Session closed

April 29
Day 8

A Visual Blueprint for Achieving your Goals 

with Adam Sicinski 

Session closed

How to Start a Happy Journal 

with Jennie Moraitis

Session closed

April 30
Day 9

Botanical Color Celebration 

with Anne Butera 

Session closed

Mixed Media Play

with Iris Fritschi- Cussens 

Session closed

May 1
Day 10

Sketching a Seahorse: Drawing to Learn While Learning to Draw 

with Christine Elder 

Session closed

Acrylics Are Great in Sketchbooks Too!

with Anna Bartlett

Session closed

May 2
Day 11

Start with Random Words

with Rich Armstrong 

Session closed

Serendipity Stories

with Laly Mille 

Session closed

May 3
Day 12

Cosmic Smashbooking: Power Trigger = Super Power 

with Catt Geller 

Session closed

Intuition Painting: Learn How to Let Go and Let it Flow

with Montine Blank 

Session closed

May 4
Day 13

Travel Sketching in Pen and Watercolor Wash 

with Leonie Norton  

Session closed

Closing Session  

with Workshop Host Karen Abend 

Session closed

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