Join 30+ top artists to revitalize your creative practice and explore the magic of filling up your sketchbook with freedom and fun for the 7th annual creative event of the year!

September 22nd – October 6th, 2024
(free extended access to replays through October 18th.)

A 2-week (+) event for creativity lovers of all levels!

Discover how this FREE event will help revive your creativity:

Do you love the idea of exploring your creativity in a sketchbook?

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, a sketchbook is a foundational creative tool that’s accessible to everyone. A doorway into experimentation, dedicated practice and meaningful discovery, not to mention creative fun and play.

But let’s be honest, whether you’re a more experienced artist, or just getting started, it’s one thing to hear about a thriving sketchbook practice, and another thing to actually do it.

Instead of feeling energized to fill up your pages, it’s so easy to find ourselves bumping against resistance.


How to do it right

What to create

How to get started

How to find the time

How to get back into it

How to dive deeper, or

How to stop wanting everything to be so perfect.

Ready to turn things around and find a better way?

What if your sketchbook actually was your number one creative tool, your favorite place for having fun exploring your creativity?

Imagine feeling….


Waking up excited and motivated to open up your sketchbook and get started creating.


Overflowing with ideas, approaches, and techniques that move you into creative action.


Amazed by what you’ve accomplished and enjoying it so much you want to reach for your sketchbook again and again.

This is exactly the experience that’s waiting for you when you say yes to reviving your creativity!

During the Sketchbook Revival Workshop you’ll discover the magic of filling up your sketchbook while empowering your creativity through hands-on explorations.

  • Experiment with diverse materials and techniques 
  • Get new ideas, tips and tons of inspiration 
  • Stretch and grow your creative muscles  
  • Build momentum and find your flow
  • Reinvigorate your practice and yourself!  

It’s year 7 of the workshop and the vision remains firm: to keep on inspiring, energizing and reviving as many creatives as possible from all across the globe.

Already over 100,000+ have been positively impacted. Sign up for Sketchbook Revival 2024 so you, too, can feel confident and free to experiment, play and have fun in the pages of your own sketchbook! 

Meet Your Host

Hi, I'm Karen!

I’ve been passionate about creativity for as long as I can remember, but I didn’t start using a sketchbook consistently until 2018 after the completion of the first Sketchbook Revival workshop, and newly empowered by all the inspiration I took away from the experience, not just as the host and organizer, but also as a student of the topic myself. 

One of the main reasons I decided to host a workshop around sketchbooks was because I had a strong desire to have a foundational creative tool to accompany the other creative projects I was exploring,  but felt at a loss at how to do it. 

I kept asking myself: How do artists succeed with starting and keeping up a daily practice? Sketchbook Revival was and still is the answer to that question. The experience of turning a personal quest into something so much bigger that has grown to help tens and thousands from all over the world, has been the most magical and fulfilling surprise of all. Since then I have figured out how to start and keep up a daily practice that works, and gone on to complete the 100 day project and many other self-initiated explorations in my growing collection of  sketchbooks. I continue to offer the Sketchbook Revival Workshop, a collaboration with artists sharing their favorite ways of creating in a sketchbook, as an annual creative reboot to provide encouragement, ideas and inspiration that many in the 60,000+ community benefit from year after year. I hope you’ll join us for the 7th Annual Sketchbook Revival Workshop this year!

What to Expect at the Sketchbook Revival Online Workshop


The 2024 Sketchbook Revival Workshop runs from September 22 – October 6, with extra time to view the sessions for free until October 18th. The workshop is virtual, which makes it easy to join, all you need is access to the internet. You can participate from the comfort of your own home or anywhere else in the world you might be, all while fitting the sessions into your own schedule. Watch as many or as few of the sessions you’d like, this is your workshop and you get to participate in whatever way works best for you.


Learn from 28 hands-on sessions that will get you creating directly in your own sketchbook, plus 2 pre-workshop sessions to help you prepare before we start. Each session features an accomplished artist with their own unique background, excited to share some of their best sketchbook tips, innovative ideas and favorite art supplies with you. Sessions average about 45 min – 1 hour long, giving you ample time to get to know the artists and create alongside them while exploring different drawing, painting, collage, and mixed media techniques, plus you’ll have the opportunity to create a handmade sketchbook.


Join our (optional) private Facebook group to become part of an enthusiastic community of creativity lovers from all over the world, just as excited as you are by everything you’re discovering and learning. This is your safe place to share your workshop creations for accountability and connection, get inspired by the work of fellow participants, and tap into the collective creative energy that will be erupting into waves of energizing momentum during the event. 


Before we officially start on Monday, September 23rd, let’s kick it off on Sunday September 22nd with the first ever LIVE Sketchbook Revival Workshop Kick-off Session to have some fun connecting with each other, warming up, and sharing our excitement for what’s to come. This is a special opportunity to put faces to names, make new creative friends, and be in community. 


When you sign up you’ll have the chance to upgrade to VIP, the perfect option if you know you want more time with the sessions. The VIP Pass + includes continual access to the sessions after the workshop closes PLUS a bundle of fabulous bonuses from our speakers and exclusive live meet-ups during the workshop. You can also feel good knowing a percentage of each purchase will be donated to our non-profit partner, Crayon Collection, to support their efforts of building a more creative and sustainable world through an international and ongoing crayon recycling and redistribution campaign. 

The Sketchbook Revival Workshop is the creative boost you’ve been craving, designed to inspire and revitalize you from start to finish.

What makes the event so popular is the fact that it works.

  • 2 solid weeks of an immersive, hands-on creative experience.
  • Talented featured artists sharing an array of materials, techniques and approaches to keep you curious and open to new and unexpected discoveries. 
  • A window of time to focus, learn and create with absolutely no pressure other than to give it a try, see what happens, and let yourself play.
  • The inspiring energy of an enthusiastic global community sharing their work and moving forward along with you.
  • A generous amount of time to go through and enjoy as much as the content you’d like for FREE to set you up for success and enjoy the workshop without any stress.  

These are the  essential Sketchbook Revival ingredients, carefully curated to ignite your creativity. 

Before you know it the proof will be in your hands – brand new creative explorations in your sketchbook to be proud of and refer back to again and again! 

Whether you’re new to the idea of a creative practice, have been wanting to get back to your creativity, or have been at it for years, the workshop will meet you where you’re at and invigorate your creativity.

Meet the Speakers

Here is the amazing lineup of accomplished artists you’ll have the chance to create with during Sketchbook Revival 2024!

Alison Wells
Cut-out Couture: A Playful Magazine Journaling Adventure

Amy Maricle
Making Wonder-Full Journal Pages

Andrea Garvey
3 Sketching Exercises to Kickstart a Lifelong Habit

Anica Gabrovec
Colorful Tangles

Anne Butera
Break Free From Limitations and Cultivate a Creative Mindset

Carla Sonheim
Lazy Line Drawings

Cecile Yadro
Gouache Cat Portrait

Chanel Ly
Make a Lay-Flat Soft Cover Sketchbook with Pockets

Charlie O’Shields
Coloring with Watercolor!

Galia Alena
Daisy Chain

Helen Colebrook
Dot Art Journal Page

Janine Vangool
Art Supplies: An Inventory of Inspiration

Jessica Swift
Sketchbooking for Self-Care

Joy Ting
Creative Play with Mark Making

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer
Collage + Drawing

Karen Abend
Presentation Title

Kate Cooke
A Stylized Still Life in Gouache

Speaker Name
Presentation Title

Linda Germaine
Upside Down Thumbnails

Lucie Duclos
Modern Collage Bouquet

Lynissa Hayes
Interactive Abstract Exploration

Marie-Noëlle Wurm
Drawing Tiny Worlds: Mixed Media & Mindfulness

Marisa Anne Cummings
Creating Characters Who Cheer You On

Melinda Nakagawa
Spark Journaling: Weaving Wonder, Creativity, and Inspiration through Nature Connection

Roben-Marie Smith
Crafting Creative Sketchbook Tip-Ins

Salli Swindell
Crafting a Colorfully Cohesive Sketchbook

Sheila Michail Morovati
Sustainability in Art

Suhita Shirodkar
You Can Draw Anything!

Susan Yeates
Sketching Landscapes for Fun

Tamara Laporte
Happy Watercolour Florals

Victoria Johnson
Expressive Portraiture with Watercolor Brush Pens

Wendy Solganik
Watercolor for Relaxation

As you can see from these amazing value-packed presentations, this is an event you do not want to miss. Click below to grab your free ticket and join us for Sketchbook Revival!

Here's What Some Past Attendees Have Had To Say!

Screenshot or written testimonials go here in 1 or 2 columns.

Screenshot or written testimonials go here in 1 or 2 columns.

The Sketchbook Revival Workshop is your invitation to take action and have fun exploring your creativity.

Say goodbye to empty sketchbooks gathering dust on your shelf. To blank white pages giving you a fright. To being unsure of how to start, how to go deeper, or how to free yourself up. You are done with just dreaming about creating instead of doing it.  

The Sketchbook Revival Workshop is a magical adventure that you don’t want to miss, voted by many loyal fans as the best creative event of the year. 

Imagine feeling….

  • Energized. Waking up excited and motivated to open up your sketchbook and get started creating. 
  • Inspired. Overflowing with ideas, approaches, and techniques that move you into creative action. 
  • Revived. Showing up for your creativity because you enjoy it so much you want to reach for your sketchbook.

Grab your free ticket by clicking the link below and join us!


Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, Sketchbook Revival is an open-ended invitation to get started creating wherever you are on your journey. Many people who do not consider themselves artists have taken part in past workshops and were delighted by the level of inspiration and techniques available to them in the sessions. Not only were they able to create something and find joy in the process, but many also discovered a new passion they were eager to keep on exploring. So if you feel like a beginner, this is the perfect opportunity to try out a wide range of approaches and techniques to help you discover what lights you up. The beautiful thing about a sketchbook is that it is a private, personal space just for you, and no one else has to see what you create if you prefer not to share your efforts. This is not about getting it right, it is about having an experience. There is no way to fail, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you are curious, you are meant to be here!

The workshop officially starts on September 23rd and runs through October 6th. Extended free access to all of the sessions will be available until October 18th. There will also be a LIVE Community Kick-Off session on September 22nd, and you will receive access to 2 pre-workshop sessions as soon as you register to help you prepare for the experience.

With the exception of the live Kick-Off session, All of the sessions are pre-recorded. New sessions will be released every day during the 2 weeks of the workshop, and once they are available you will be able to go back and access them at your convenience via your workshop emails or the private Sketchbook Revival Facebook group until October 18th. If you are unable to attend the live Kick-Off session, you will be able to go back and watch the replay. 

You will be able to watch the sessions on your personal device of choice using a web link you can access via your workshop emails.. 

Once the sessions are made available, you will be able to access them for free until October 18th. If you would like more time to enjoy the sessions, consider upgrading to VIP for unlimited access. 

With the exception of the live Kick-Off session, all of the sessions are pre-recorded. 

Yes, on the bottom of each video there is a CC button that you click on to turn on the captions. Transcriptions are included with the VIP Pass.

We are very sorry, but English is the only language currently available.

No, Facebook is an optional way to interact with the community, share your work with other participants in the workshop, and get inspired by what others are sharing and creating. All workshop content is delivered by email.

For each session there will be a list of suggested art supplies. If you do not have all of them, do not worry. The invitation is always to improvise, use what you have, and experiment with your own stash. Generally speaking the sessions will be exploring different drawing, painting, collage, or mixed media techniques, plus you have the opportunity to create a handmade sketchbook. The general supplies you can consider having are: a pencil; a waterproof  pen; paint (watercolor, gouache, acrylic); coloring supplies (colored pencils, crayons, markers, ink, paint pens, etc.); scissors; glue;; some old magazines; paper and fabric scraps for collage; drawing, painting or mixed media paper for making a handmade sketchbook; extra paper/cardstock; awl;  needle and thread.

Don’t feel like you have to run out and buy a bunch of new art supplies. The workshop is about having fun being creative and trying new things, and there really are no hard and fast rules. Try to follow along as best you can with the materials you have, or take whatever inspiration you can from the sessions and do it your way using your preferred materials.  

Please send an email to and we will do our best to help you out.

We are looking forward to sharing this Revival time with you. It’s going to be an unforgettable creative adventure and we hope you can join!

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