Scribble Studies: The (Very Complicated) Art of Chaos

with creative explorer and artist, Amanda Grace

Suggested materials: paper + selection of mark making materials: pens, pencils (graphite/charcoal), soluble and non soluble crayons and pencils, carbon paper, magazine image of a face or body for tracing, white gesso, paper towels, paint brush, oil pastels (optional)

Amanda Grace

Amanda Grace is an Irish artist and advocate of creative recovery. Amanda’s greatness lies in her experience and ability to facilitate authentic self expression and empowered self care, using the heart as a compass and the creative process as an all terrain, vehicle and guide.
Women who work with Amanda can expect a deep dive into self discovery, to experience the transformative power of process and to emerge with creative confidence and insight.
Amanda delivers monthly online courses in creative personal development, teaches visual journaling in person and facilitates an online Facebook community, Pilgrims On Deck.

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