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with artist and visual storyteller, Anne Leuck

Suggested materials: sketchbook, black permanent ink pen, white gel pen, colored markers. For more detailed information about the materials used in this session click here

Anne Leuck

Anne Leuck is a visual storyteller, creating imagery inspired by her own life journey. She utilizes traditional painting, as well as digital media, journaling and ceramics. Her private and commercial commissions include murals and public art. Anne has licensed her designs for stationery and home décor products, her artwork has appeared on billboards, in movies, books, and magazines. Exhibiting nationally at art fairs around the country, her works also hang in private collections, globally. Anne has maintained a daily sketchbook practice since 2001 and began teaching it’s benefits 3 years ago. “I love rekindling the art of play in my students while observing the transformation as they come to realize they have never really ‘lost’ it. It brings me great joy to see my methods give people insight into ways that they can bring reverence, by recording the day to day with words and images, enriching their lives while fostering their own creativity.

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