Drawing the Mandala – Shape by Shape

with illustrator and pattern designer, Jane Snedden Peever

Suggested materials: pencil, art pen, compass, ruler, eraser, paper. For more detailed information about the materials used in this session click here

Jane Snedden Peever

Jane is an Illustrator and Pattern Designer Living in Ontario Canada. As an author and a teacher she loves to seek out new creative ideas and then break her process down into simple steps that anyone can try. Jane starts with a pencil some paper and a spark of curiosity and then let’s it evolve from there. Her signature style includes intricately detailed patterns of simple geometric and organic shapes playfully combined with symmetry. She enjoys sharing her easy to follow steps for getting started as well as her methods for creating distinctively textured and dimensional designs, on paper, on the iPad and with textiles. Jane’s inspirations springs from nature, architecture and a her interest in sacred geometry. You can find her teaching online, exploring creative drawing ideas, and engaging with her students and fellow drawing enthusiasts, on her blog and her social media. You can learn more of Jane’s simple techniques through her tutorials, courses, and her workbooks.

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