Alternative Surfaces

with artist, author and art instructor, Kelly Hoernig

Suggested materials: alternative surface (flash card, playing card, game card), white gesso, spreader or credit card, acrylic paint, pencil, paint brushes, water bucket. Optional: stencils, texture (bubble wrap, burlap scrap, paper towel)

Kelly Hoernig

I was born to be an artist, really. At the tender age of 4 I was pointing at clouds and fields of corn telling my mom how beautiful they were. I am still taken aback by either of them, their shapes, movements and the beauty light creates within them.
I am a creative layerist, telling stories with each layer I include in all forms of my art. Whether collage, painted or photographed, the subtle layers are always there waiting to be discovered. My art career is long and has taken many different roads in the past 22 years but it has always been about creating. I have authored 11 books, traveled across the United States teaching business, art (acrylic, mixed media and colored pencil), and design. Have crossed International waters with online teaching and have been able to reach 16 countries so far.
I love painting, photography and realism. I dabble with writing, colored pencils and watercolor. I challenge growth, learning and myself daily. But most of all, I live to inspire others, enjoy an artful life, and try to create something each and every day.
You can learn more about me at

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