Sketchbook Magic Fun

with artist and W I L D + P R E C I O U S creator, Ria Sharon

Suggested materials: sketchbook, favorite art supplies for drawing, bowl, scissors, magic bowl prompts (you can download Ria’s prompts in the pdf available in the free gift link, or you can follow along in the session)

Ria Sharon

Ria Sharon is an artist – the creator of W I L D + P R E C I O U S, a line of functional and wearable art inspired by her love of nature and animals and, her mindfulness practice. She is also one of the top 1% of teachers on Skillshare, where she teaches the popular Sketchbook Magic series. Her classes cultivate art as a process of self-care and self-discovery. You can connect with Ria on and on instagram, @riasharon.

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