Ciao! I’m Karen, an artist/illustrator living in Florence, Italy. I love to draw, paint, collage and work digitally. Nothing brings me greater joy than immersing myself in the creative process and channeling that energy in service of a collaborative project. ​

Art and adventure have always been a part of my life.​

As a child born and raised in Los Angeles, it began as a love of drawing with pastels, lettering with Crayola calligraphy pens, and going on vacations with my family near and far. ​

I grew up, had a love affair with museums and art history, became an art conservator, and worked in museums in New York and on excavations in Italy, Turkey and Greece. ​

Along the way I married an Italian archaeologist, had a son, and acquired two dogs, a cat and a frog. ​

During my 9 years of living in Sicily, I rediscovered my creative roots and now spend my days drawing, painting and collaging. I currently live in Florence, Italy, still visit Sicily frequently, and return to Los Angeles in the summers.