Hi there, I’m Karen! I’m an artist living on the island of Sicily for long enough now to call it home. I love to draw, paint, collage, design and illustrate. One of my greatest joys is immersing myself in the creative process and channelling that energy in service of a collaborative project. I’ve been designing greeting cards, illustrating and creating books, and organizing and hosting the online workshop, Sketchbook Revival , an exploration of daily creativity in community.

Art and adventure have always been a part of my life.
As a child growing up in Los Angeles, some of my happiest times were spent playing with my pastels and going on vacations with my family near and far.

When it was time to decide on a career, my desire to be immersed in museums, art and art history lead me to the field of art conservation. As an art conservator my adventure continued, and I worked in museums in New York City and on excavations in in Italy, Turkey and Greece.

Along the way I married an Italian archaeologist, had a son and got some furry (and not so furry) additions: two dogs, a cat and a frog.

During my time in Sicily, I’ve been able to rediscover my creative roots. I feel extremely fortunate that I now get to spend my days creating art for licensing, collaborative projects, and always, for my own well-being, learning and growth.


Since hosting and organizing the Sketchbook Revival Online Workshop for the first time in 2018, I’ve been cultivating my passion for daily creativity and am thrilled to be able to share this passion with a vibrant online community of fellow creatives. I’ve also discovered how deeply rewarding it is to be able to offer support to others in developing their own creative practices.

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2020 Louie Award winner