Think Happy Be Happy

a yoga coaching pocket guide

authored by Tina Mudelsee

illustrated by Karen Abend


Think Happy, Be Happy is an enlightening introduction to the science and philosophy of Yoga that can help anyone seeking to live a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

Through author Tina Mudelsee’s unique fusion of Yoga Therapy and Life Coaching techniques (‘Yoga Coaching’), you will tap into the power of Asana postures to raise your energy levels, heighten your perception, and deepen your connection with not just your body, but also different aspects of your life, relationships, and spirituality. With Tina as your guide and Asana postures as your gateway, you will discover how the life teachings found in ancient Yoga scriptures combined with modern life coaching tools can start you on a motivational path of self-inquiry to bring you in greater alignment with living your best life now, free from suffering caused by external events and inner turmoil. Through easy to use tools, ideas and inspiration, complimented by 32 Asana illustrations, you will come away feeling empowered and capable of determining your own state of mind, one where true happiness is your birthright and available to you every moment of your life!

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